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Optimizing the use of veterinarinary pharmaceuticals

Dopharma is taking a new direction with a new logo and a new ‘Healthy Livestock’ slogan. ‘Dopharma 2.0’ wants to work closely with veterinarians to optimize the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals to make livestock farming healthier and better. Among other things that means: using antimicrobials only when necessary and supporting animal health effectively with smart alternatives like evidence-based nutraceuticals.

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‘Healthy Livestock’ essential for healthy returns

Dopharma wants to work with veterinarians to improve livestock farming

Livestock farming has changed rapidly over the last few years. Increasingly stringent legislation and regulations, growing animal welfare demands from society and strong price-driven competition are putting the sector under immense pressure.

This requires a different approach from livestock farmers, veterinarians and the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Dopharma is convinced that healthy livestock is the key to healthy returns. Over the past few years the largest Dutch veterinary pharmaceutical company invested heavily in improved products and services.

“Now more than ever, we should not only be curing sick animals, but ensuring the animals stay as healthy as possible. At Dopharma we call this Healthy Livestock”, says managing director Wijnand de Bruijn.

By having research and development under the same roof as production, marketing, distribution and customer services, Dopharma is able to come up with new ideas quickly and flexibly. As a knowledge-based company, Dopharma is continually designing smart and progressive solutions for farmers and veterinarians. From the 1st of January, the company has chosen to give itself a more modern image that is more in line the company’s contemporary and professional status.

De Bruijn: “Furthermore, we remain loyal to the values of the family business that we are. We believe in the power of service-orientated collaboration with our partners, because we are convinced that working with veterinarians and livestock farmers will lead to better solutions and healthier livestock with healthier returns as a result.”

Through a combination of species-specific and pharmacological knowledge Dopharma is able to support both veterinarians and livestock farmers in the responsible and practical use of pharmaceuticals. In addition, the choice for a full-service company guarantees that the wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and the structural extension with innovative products will continue.

De Bruijn: “We combine entrepreneurship with our knowledge of and contacts in the market to create the best solutions for the sector. As a manufacturer of high-quality veterinary pharmaceuticals, society’s demand for optimum animal welfare and maximum food safety, is our basis for finding even better solutions. Our ultimate goal is to make a continual contribution to better livestock farming.”