How to recognize phishing mail?

Recently a phishing email has been sent. Click here to see an example (jpeg). This email does not originate from Dopharma. It has been sent from a fake email address. They ask you to click on a link, hoping to collect your log in details. In case you have received such email, please delete it; not only from your inbox, but also from your recycle bin.

The points below might help you to determine if an email is possibly fake:

  • The email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are NOT from Dopharma. You will only receive emails from your contact person or a known Dopharma email address (as we do not want to help ‘spammers’ too much, we will not list the correct email addresses here). Sometimes the email address used looks very similar to one of our email addresses. Only one character difference for example.
  • The phone number and fax number are not correct. You can find the correct numbers on our website.
  • In this case our logo is missing (or might be the image that could not be downloaded), but other junk mail may contain our logo. The usage of our logo does not automatically make the email authentic. Always check the sender’s address.


In case of any doubt, please check with your contact person before you click on any link in any email!