Keeping coccidiosis manageable

This is the title of an article published in WorldPoultry this year.

In this article poultry veterinarian Maarten de Gussem states that all commercial poultry, at some time in their life, will become infected with coccidian. This makes it the number one disease issue among veterinarians.
The entire article can be found via this link.

Dopharma has several products in their product portfolio that are indicated for the treatment of coccidiosis. These products, of which the availability varies per country, are mentioned in the table below.

Product                                 Active ingredients      Package
Dozuril® 25 mg/ml               toltrazuril                           1 liter
Sulfadimidine-Na                   sulfadimidine                    1 kg
Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium     sulfaquinoxaline               1 kg