Dopharma’s improved dosage calculator

As a veterinarian or farmer it is important to calculate the right dosage before starting the treatment. With the introduction of Dopharma 2.0 the dosage calculator has been renewed. First of all the tool is now available in English too. Next, we changed the format and improved the technique behind the dosage calculator.

The dosage calculator can be used in fattening pigs, broilers and calves. Unique to the dosage calculator of Dopharma is that you can choose products from our portfolio for the treatment. The dosages and durations of treatment as mentioned in the SPC will then be shown on the screen.

What are the improvements in the new dosage calculator?

  • When you are making a calculation, suggestions are done for the average water and feed intake. It is however also possible to adjust these values. In this manner it is possible to determine the most accurate dosage, also when animals for example drink less due to disease or more due to high environmental temperatures.
  • In the case of broilers, the dosage calculator compensates for the rapid increase in bodyweight. When you choose the bodyweight of the chickens on the first day of treatment, the dosage calculator will automatically select the bodyweights of the following days.
  • For calves the amount of treatments per day is included in the dosage calculator.
  • Besides the dosage per litre water or ton feed, the total amount of product needed and the amount of product needed per day will be shown.
  • After completing the calculation, you can e-mail yourself or somebody else the result. The message will contain the result of the calculation, as well as all values entered into the calculator. You can even add information to this e-mail before sending it.

You can find the dosage calculator on

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the dosage calculator, we would be happy to hear from you.