Dopharma introduces Y-D-Fix®

Dopharma introduces Y-D-Fix®: innovation in weaning management

In pig farming we see several very persistent problems that can influence the health and results of piglets. An often mentioned problem for which no suitable solution is found yet, is the occurrence of poor performance post-weaning. The irregular feed uptake after weaning causes a decrease in intestinal health and a reduction in growth rate.

Dopharma is always looking for innovative ideas to solve problems in livestock farming. For the development of Y-D-Fix® we started from the physiological situation in the intestine of the healthy animal and the factors that play a major role in a suckling piglet.

Of course the mother’s milk of the sow is a crucial factor. Our research has shown that the composition of today’s sow milk is significantly different compared to the situation in the 1980’s and 90’s. The most prominent differences are in quantity of cholesterol and fats in the milk, possibly as a result of the changing genetic profile and feed of the sows.

Y-D-Fix® is a complementary dry feeding stuff for use in the farrowing unit and in the weaning phase, based on all benefits of sow milk. It is the result of years of research to find this patented composition and formulation.

Y-D-Fix® increases the feed intake of piglets before weaning and the composition provides fatty acids that are naturally present in sow milk. This results in an improved growth rate and more uniform feed uptake and contributes to a normal intestinal health.

The use of Y-D-Fix® is a totally new view on weaning management and gives piglets a brilliant kick off as fattening pig!

For more information, please contact your veterinarian or local Dopharma office or distributor. The initial launch will be focused on the Netherlands and Belgium. During ESPHM (22-24 May 2019, Utrecht) Dopharma will present Y-D-Fix® to the international public.